Are you ready?  Willing?  ABLE?

Yes, you really are.  We agree, and We are too.

We've planned a 'coming out' party.  Quite spontaneously.  In alignment with an unusual set of circumstances as perfect in appearance and intent as to be 'designed specifically for us'.

It has been somewhat challenging to express in words, videos, dances, even meditations, the communication of exactly what is a Global Ascension Center.  What do you do there, what happens there, what do you bring with you from being there, what IS there?  There is no better answer than direct experience, so we are creating one to experience together.  We are not creating an experience to observe.  We are assembling the space for you to immerse yourself into and be the experience.  Your very immersion is what assembles the space itself...  calls it into being.  Your being there is the very space being assembled.  Within this space, a center will exist, a Global Ascension Center.  Your presence is required.

To help provide inspiration to join, Transcendence Festival organizers have provided a nearly inexhaustible supply of very interesting connections to passionate experiences.  October 3rd to 6th, in Sacramento, Ca.

To hear what passions will be present, check out this radio interview Lance White, the Zany Mystic, held with Inelia Benz, and James Kipacka (the organizer of the festival).

To read about what passions are present at the festival, and to buy tickets.

To co-create the assembling of the Global Ascension Center space itself, Join us in the Forum at Walk with me Now.

To request any additional information, email us ...  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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