This is Inelia Benz. For many years, for as long as memory serves me, a request has been asked by source for me to open a center.  I never really understood, or knew, the reason, or need, for a center.

When I would be visited by my "future self", she would indeed arrive from a center. "Behind" her, would be a very clear visual of what the territory looked like. It was dry in the summer, but not a desert. It had large trees, and also fruit trees. There were hills or mountains in the not too far distance. And it was really nice to be there.

I have always resisted the idea. Mostly because running a center takes a lot of effort and staff. It is a huge responsibility.  Plus, there are thousands of centers out there, what is the point of another one? Right?

Two years ago ago Source asked again, just like when I was asked to go public , to open a center.

My small singularity, ego, had resisted this request for many years.  I wasn't ready for what it means at a personal and singular level. I already work 24/7 on raising the vibrational level of the planet.  But I do get to have some family time, rest time, and get to interact with my husband and kids every now and then.  Although fleeting. So, a center... hmm.

Then, in December 2011, I invited myself, and was warmly received, by an ET center in Washington State.  By sharing a few days with this wonderful team,  I saw the design, the purpose, behind the request from Source that I open a center myself.  A group of people, and larger groups, when they gather in power points on the planet, can create enormous shifts.

So. Back to square one. I told Source I was ready to open a center. From personal experience, I can honestly say that I can keep the intent, and energy, behind the center from becoming hijacked by my, or other, egos.

I started telling a few close friends about the Center.  I use capital "C" for it now, did you notice?. It was received with a knowing of its existence in time/space already.  In other words, they could all see it.  Independently, they gave descriptions of the Center which were identical to what I had seen.

Yet, it wasn't quite clear on what shape it would take. Would it have people, would it have buildings, would it be a field of power?

It could be in a small Northern California valley.  Close to two international airports, main highways and major cities, but at the same time so remote that our mobile phones won't work there.  Probably. Or it could be in another state at another time.


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0 #1 Lana Bos 2013-05-14 02:18
Have you been to Ojai, Inelia?
That might be a place for you to experience... The energies here are powerful.
(And there's always a place for you to stay here as well :-)

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